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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor, EMDR Certified Therapist, Approved

Consultant and Trainer. I was born in Colombia, South America and consider myself bilingual

(English and Spanish) and bicultural. I have worked as a therapist with children, teens, adults,

and families who have experienced complex trauma in settings such rape crisis, youth homeless

and domestic violence shelters since 2008. I committed to empower my clients to find healing

and I embrace a collaborative approach when it comes to supporting my clients. I know it takes

courage to ask for help and I honor my client’s bravery in taking the step on working on

themselves. I have experience working with complex trauma including survivors of sexual

assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, and homelessness. I work with minoritized

populations, immigrants, and people that come from mixed races and backgrounds. It would be

an honor to walk alongside you in your healing process. No matter what your situation is, there is

hope and healing awaiting.


  • Masters of Social Work Baylor University

  • Masters of Divinity Truett Seminary Baylor University


  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Ongoing Traumatic Stress

  • Life Transitions

  • Vicarious Trauma

  • Racial trauma

  • Relationship issues

  • Self esteem

2018 – A Pilot Study with Spanish-Speaking Latina Survivors of Domestic Violence Comparing

EMDR & TF-CBT Group Interventions

Authors: Helen Harris 1 , Viviana Urdaneta 2 , Viviana Triana 3 , Charity Samantha Vo 4 , Destinee

Walden 5 , Dennis Myers 1


2021 – Playful and Creative Approaches for EMDR Therapy with Latinx Children – book

chapter in EMDR with Children in the Play Therapy Room: An Integrated Approach – 1st


2022 –  EMDR Therapy and Consultation with an Intercultural Approach – book chapter

in Cultural Competence and Healing Culturally Based Trauma with EMDR Therapy – 2nd



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